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Are you ready to let your smart phone or your tablet be your new method of banking? No need to worry about when the bank is closing or whether there is a long line of other customers waiting ahead of you. With United Bank’s Electronic Banking Apps, you can literally do your banking anytime and anywhere. The United Bank Apps are designed to work with iPhone, iPad and Android devices that meet the following minimum requirements:

  • iPhone: iOS 5.0+
  • Android OS 2.2 Level 8+
  • iPad iOS 5.0+
  • Camera enabled device
  • Mobile browser must handle 128bit encryption
  • PDF reader v6.0+
United Bank Apps are offered free of charge to our bank customers. (Beware: You may incur charges for SMS texts under your mobile carrier plan.) Make it simple and enroll for the whole bundle of time-saving electronic banking services. United Bank’s Mobile Advantage includes the following electronic services:
  • Deposit Checks
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Pay Bills Online
  • Monitor Accounts and Transactions via text alerts or online banking
  • Transfer Funds between accounts
  • View eStatements along with paid check images
  • Person-to-Person Payments
Funds Availability Disclosure: Deposits made via your mobile app before 11pm on a business day will be posted to your account as of the deposit date. Saturdays, Sundays and federal holidays are not considered business days.

Ready to begin?
  1. Register now. We require your cell phone number and active email address to get you started.
  2. Download your app by choosing your device below.
  3. Be sure to accept the Electronic Banking Agreement Terms and Conditions. This agreement will be sent to you via email.
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