Whether you need a hassle-free checking account, fast loan approval or a credit card that rewards you, United Bank offers a tailored solution. And with tools like Mobile Advantage and Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), you’ll stay conveniently connected to your money. Let us meet all of your personal banking needs.


Personal Checking Accounts

These days you can’t get very far without a checking account. While some banks seem to have dozens to choose from, we try to make it simple at United Bank. MORE

Personal Savings Accounts

For longer-term investments, you should consider a Certificate of Deposit (CD), which has terms with maturities ranging from seven days to five years. MORE

Personal Loans

From time to time, everyone needs to borrow money. We are committed to providing the best service to our loan customers. MORE

Online Banking

United Bank offers its customers great conveniences through a broad offering of electronic services. Access many of the same in-bank services from your phone or laptop. MORE

Personal Debit and Credit Cards

With the United Bank debit or credit card, you can make purchases wherever Visa is accepted. Plus, you can use your debit card for cash at any ATM machine worldwide. MORE

Auto Loans

Whether you want a loan to buy a new or used car – or to refinance your existing car loan – UnitedBank has auto financing options for you. MORE


For our customers who are thinking ahead to retirement, we have four ways to help you enjoy tax deferred interest income. MORE


SecureSwipe is a new feature within the latest version of our United Bank mobile app. MORE