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Merchant Credit Card Processing

Your customers are using credit and debit cards to pay for merchandise and services more than ever. You may need to accept these cards to stay competitive in your marketplace. United Bank can be your single source for accepting these payments. We have everything you need from point-of-sale equipment to services. We can support a variety of businesses, including retail, restaurant, lodging and online webstores.
  • Accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and Diners Club
  • Provide PIN-based authorizations and offer cash back services
  • Wireless solutions for mobile merchants
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • Equipment Leasing available
  • Online transaction reporting
Our processing partners, Security Card Services and National Processing Corporation round out our servicing team. We offer competitive rates, settlement directly to your United Bank checking account, and responsive service when you need help.

Are you a Merchant On the Go? NPC Mobile is Your Solution

Cell phones have become a necessity in today’s world – there are over 385 million cell phones in use across the country. NPC Mobile taps into this modern resource, putting the power of payments directly into your phone. By enhancing a device that you already own, you can easily get the payment processing power you need for your business at a fraction of the cost.

NPC Mobile is a versatile payment application with no limits:
  • Works on most smartphone operating systems.
  • Does not require a specific wireless provider to operate.
  • Dynamic application works on any smartphone.
Simply download the application to your phone, activate your account and you are ready to begin accepting credit cards.

By itself, NPC Mobile works as a fully functioning virtual terminal for the phone.
  • Process payments with optional AVS entry.
  • Send receipts directly to a customer’s email address.
  • View transaction history and manage your payments directly from the phone.
  • Plus great features not available in a standard virtual terminal:
    • Voice 2 Text
    • Reverse phone lookup for easily inputting customer information
Mobile Payment Processing Available NOW!
- iDevices (all models)
- Select Android Devices
- Select BlackBerry Phones
- Select Tablet devices

Contact Business Services at 770.567.7211 to learn more about these services and receive a personal proposal for your business.

Merchant Alert: Beware of POS Terminal Tampering.
Business owners must keep a watchful eye their Point-of-Sale terminals to prevent fraudulent tampering. Click here for more information.


Off-line transactions can result in chargebacks and losses. This fraud scheme is regularly occurring at businesses throughout our area. Read about how to protect your business.

Do you have a funny feeling in your stomach that something is not right about a transaction? Does an unusually large sale seem too good to be true? Remember to always go with your gut because it probably IS too good to be true. We have learned of several incidences of fraud in our area over the past few months of which we would like to make you aware. A female is going into merchant locations and spending an above-average amount of money compared to what these merchants are accustomed to. In some cases, she visits the merchant’s location ahead of time to “plant the seed” and introduce her scheme, making them aware of her intent to purchase the large item. She will show up a few days later and complete the sale.

Here’s how it goes: When first attempting to swipe her card to make the purchase, the transaction will decline. She will insist that you try again. It will have the same result, a decline. She will go on to say that this happens quite often and request that you speak with her bank/credit card company to verify funds are available. She will place the call with her cell phone. She’ll hand the phone to you. The person on the receiving end will walk you through conducting an offline sale with a bogus authorization code. This will make it appear that it is a legitimate transaction.

You’ll receive the credit for the sale. And within two months, the chargeback will occur. The transaction will be returned as fraudulent. You will be charged with the loss, and not be able to recover your sold merchandise. Merchants have lost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. United Bank wants to help you protect your business.

  1. Make a “CODE 10” call. Call your voice authorization center and say “I have a Code 10 Authorization request.” If you are currently using United Bank for your credit/debit card sales, your processor is National Processing Company (NPC); please call 1-800-291-4840.
  2. Follow the operator’s instructions if you can do so safely. Contact the police if you can safely do so.
  3. Train your employees to recognize these attempts for fraud. Contact United Bank if you have additional questions.

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