SecureSwipe is a feature within our United Bank mobile app that serves as your personal weapon against card fraud. It allows you to lock and unlock your debit and credit cards for added protection against fraudulent use. Once you’re enrolled in SecureSwipe, the control of your card is in your hands! When you’re ready to make a purchase, simply log in and select the length of time for your card to be unlocked.



Easy Enrollment

  1. Log in to the most recent version of the mobile app and select SecureSwipe
  2. Click “Enroll Now”
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions
  4. Complete the enrollment information:
    1. Full 16-digit card number
    2. Card expiration date
    3. Last 4-digits of your Social Security number
    4. Four digit passcode that will be used to quickly unlock the card
  5. If you have multiple cards, they will be displayed in SecureSwipe with your name and the last four digits of your card number.


Unlock Your Card in Secure Swipe

Select the status or length of time you wish to have your card unlocked:

  • One transaction within 10 minutes
  • Three transactions within 30 minutes
  • Six transactions within 4 hours
  • 12 hours (best option for making online purchases)

You can also log in to the mobile app, tap SecureSwipe, enter your SecureSwipe passcode and unlock the card. To enroll one of these cards in SecureSwipe, simply choose a card that is not enrolled from your list of available cards. The “Options” feature allows you to change the card description so it’s easier to distinguish one card from another.


Best Practices for Card Control in SecureSwipe

Lock = The card is inactive and one-time debit transactions will be declined at the merchant. Recurring transactions, such as gym memberships, will be processed without inconvenience even if the card is in a “locked” state.

Unlock = The card is active for one time purchases and recurring transactions. All transactions will be accepted for the time period or the number of times selected.

SecureSwipe must be accessed from the same mobile device that was used when enrolling in SecureSwipe.

The card automatically changes to a locked status once the designated number of transactions or the time period has lapsed, whichever comes first.

If you are unable to access SecureSwipe from your mobile device, you may contact Customer Service at 770-567-7211 to have the card unlocked. Our agents are available seven days a week, from 7am until 11pm.

When your card is locked, transactions attempted with your card will be declined.

For online purchases, we suggest you select the 12-hour option to ensure the card remains unlocked long enough for the online merchant to process the payment.