Switch Kit

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Make The Switch

Thank you for choosing to bank with United Bank! These days, moving from your previous bank can be challenging. Here at United Bank, we’ve tried to do some of the work for you. We call it our “Switch Kit” – it includes the forms and letters you need to officially break up with your former bank and redirect direct deposits and drafts to your new United Bank account.

Let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • your old bank account information (name, address, account number)
  • your last 3 statements – this will help you find all of your automated deposits and drafts that posted to your old account. Don’t forget quarterly and annually – debited drafts.
  • your new United Bank account information
Click Here for a checklist to help get you started.
Switch Kit


Account Closing Letter – Use our account closing letter to notify your former bank of your new account with United Bank.  Simply fill out the required fields, print and mail.


Deposit and Draft Letter – Use this form to notify your employer or other companies that may credit your account electronically.  The same form may be used to notify companies who debit your account for recurring bills.  Simply fill out the required fields, print and mail.